Explore distant worlds riddled with ominous wonders and lost heritage.

Time to dust off classic role-playing games with Koruldia Heritage. Discover in this indie RPG fascinating worlds born from our pixel-painting technique, "Pixel Impasto".

Coming in Q4 2018.

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The gameplay teaser is now available!

Thanks for all the support until now. Koruldia got accepted by Steam and is guaranteed to be part of this digital distribution platform once the development is complete.

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On Twitter for a happy mix of development screenshots, pictures of coffee mugs and travels.

On Facebook with the Koruldia fan-page, pretty convenient to follow every news with pictures.

On Youtube for a few teasing, work-in-progress and making-of videos with a lot more on the way!

On DA for our previous life as flash developers, made of candies and cute colourful flash games.

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