Koruldia is the indie game we wanted to create for a very long time, and now with the right tools and experience the project is finally coming to life.

This j-RPG comes with its own unique style, a highly stylized pixel-painting art technique we named Pixel Impasto as it gives an impressionist finish to old school graphics.

Rich narrative experience

In Koruldia, players will create their own path navigating through an in-depth story.

The visual experience is enhanced by a variety of in-game camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy I-VI to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy VII-IX. Some of the highly stylized views of the Zelda 2D games will also be featured.

The fight system lets you choose between aggressiveness and compassion and your choices will have different impacts to the story. Do not assume that being always nice will get you to the happy ending. Sometimes you may encounter creatures beyond redemption...


We get our inspiration from classical role-playing games such as Final Fantasy VI to IX, but also from games with light RPG elements like 2D Castlevania (from SotN to the 3 episodes on DS) or Pandora’s Tower.

The feeling of “claustrophobic freedom” and loneliness from Metroid 3 will also echo in Koruldia. “Weird 2D indie games” like Yume Nikki, Ib, Hyper Light Drifter or Undertale also especially appeal to us and we hope that you will have the same kind of connection with Koruldia.


Koruldia will be available for PC/Mac/Linux, iOS/Android and tentatively game consoles like the Switch. We use mobile-friendly technologies.

On PC, you can either play with a keyboard (arrow keys), a gamepad (USB Xbox or PS4 etc.) or a mouse (point-and-click style) which is also close to the experience you get on a touchscreen.

A glimpse of the story

"In times of deep changes on the meaning of being human, the story is about our legacy in worlds now dominated by transhumanism."

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