[ 03 avril 2012] Winter development outcomes [+ KoruLimbo]

The latest news about Koruldia Heritage's development, and general topics about the game.
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[ 03 avril 2012] Winter development outcomes [+ KoruLimbo]

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[ 03 avril 2012 ] Winter development outcomes [+ info KoruLimbo]

Sorry for the delay in the translation!
This is a quick outlook on the work done since the last news,
so first of all, Korulimbo is scheduled in about a month or two (Korulimbo, for those who have forgotten, is an action RPG based on the world of Koruldia for PC and X360)

Kayser gives you a long list of things he did in French to admire >>here<<.

If you understand French you can see that some of the stuff is double usage Koruldia+Korulimbo, the latter one being a spin off based on the "Occult" zone of Koruldia.
This is an preview of what the Korulimbo planet will look like :)


This image should be an introduction to the story and will explain how the main protagonist was sent to Korulimbo by the most powerful occult korumon. That world is completely controlled by that creature's mind, it is a sort of mental prison meant to drive the people that wonder into the place to the highest level of psychological strain. The inhabitants are condemned to fight infinitely regenerating ennemies without end. Until a group of mentally strong residents emerge and decide to fight their way out of the nightmare, this is when the main character arrives...
Kiza will fight his way out of this place and when he succeeds to regain conciousness in his real physical body, the Koruldia game continues...

The following image shows some work done on the animation of the planet:


It is a planet with a particular atmosphere, the purple liquid is (some may have guessed) koruldia and the orange stuff is all the vegetation.

The little characters at the top of this banner are from Korulimbo:


Next news should include more visual elements and much more information! Stay tuned ;)
~~~~ Blue ~~~