[ 07 octobre 2011 ] Elemental Koru-Phoenix

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[ 07 octobre 2011 ] Elemental Koru-Phoenix

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[ 07 octobre 2011 ] Elemental Koru-Phoenix
(ok I'm posting this 5 days late but please forgive me ^^)

Those Korumons are one of the most ancient ones. Each korumon type has a corresponding phoenix that represents the essence of the said type (except for some cases where a rare type is specific to one unique specimen).

These phoenix are called Elemental Phoenix and as there are 12 types of Korumon, there are also 12 Phoenix. Like all other korumons, these phoenix have three evolutionary forms.

Follows a picture of the confrontation between three of the most symbolic phoenix: Celeswata who represents water, Celesfaya for the fire type and finally Celesphytoa the plant phoenix.
As you can kind of see on the image, the three korumon have very different behaviours, one of the is defensive, the other one is offensive and the last one focuses on intimidation of the foe. It's kind of difficult to see on the still image but the screenshot does its best to show their most representative poses :)


>>Click here for a larger version - note: link opens a new tab/window<<


- Celespoiza, the poison phoenix probably has the most intrusive behaviour, not unlike his other fellow poison types. His intrusive demeanour is said to be responsible for the indigo colour of the sky in some parts of the world. (this korumon is actually not a unique specimen, however it is recommended to capture his very first form and evolve it rather than try to catch it directly - especially since it won't be an easy task due to its rarity and toughness).

- This scene will actually serve as an introdutory scene for Korulimbo, hence the higher resolution (than usual). This scene will summarize the scenario in Koruldia and explain how Kiza was transfered into Korulimbo, a world generated by the absolute occult korumon (while I'm at it, I might as well mention that this occult korumon is one of the rare ones that are mightier than its corresponding phoenix).

I will post a wallpaper version of the screenie later as well as a link to the Deviantart account for wallpapers and other goodies :D
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