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Outskirts of some urban zones

Publié : lun. janv. 02, 2012 10:33 pm
par Blue
[ 31 dec 2011 ] Outskirts of some urban zones

As our end-of-year (2011) present, Koruldia brings you screenshots of the outskirts of some urban areas.
And also, Happy New year 2012 everyone!




The lighting still needs some improvement and various other details as well, but since the screens so far only show wild areas, this should give you a better idea of what urban areas may look like (these are screenshots of Kizashi's village, in the north suburbs of a bigger city). You should be able to see the transition between park/urban areas/forests (where you find plant korumons).

Next update should have an animation of the urban zones so you should have a better idea of what it will really look like in the game (Kayser should also add some extras ;) )

You might notice (if you're a smart*ss) there aren't any manholes, sewers or electric poles. No worries, that's because of the futuristic era the game takes place in. For the next update imagine the screens with more animation, light, details etc ;)

To be continued (because Kayser is taking some new year holidays at Dentelle's - our musician - house this article should be updated with more details in the next couple of days)