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Key information on the game

Korugen Ltd.

Q4 2018

USD $10-15

Koruldia Heritage is a story-driven J RPG with meaningful fights. Discover a “Neo-Retro” experience crafted with our distinctive pixel-painting technique.

In times of deep changes on the meaning of being human, the story is about our legacy in worlds now dominated by transhumanism.


What makes this game different?
  • A rich narrative experience: in Koruldia, players will freely create their own path navigating through an in-depth story.

  • A variety of camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy 6 (3 in US, our main influence) to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy 7-8-9.

  • Non-Linear exploration: choose your own path and order of dungeons, sequence-break is possible if you find out how to bypass some puzzles.

  • The fight system: choose between aggressiveness or compassion, but do not assume that always being nice will get you to "the happy ending". You will encounter creatures beyond redemption...

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Koruldia the indie RPG



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