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About us

We are a small dedicated indie studio that has been part of the indie game industry since the early days of flash games (nostalgia? anyone?). Koruldia Heritage is our biggest and most ambitious project. We have been fleshing out its gameplay and its visual universe for the past 8 years.

Now is the final run! We have been greenlit for distribution on Steam in March 2017. Square Enix also noticed us 10 months ago - we had an overwhelming 94% YES votes from their Collective community..

Example of exclusive reward

Get your face painted in pixel-art (Game Boy style) to be featured in the game and for your own private use on social media.

Memo-cube examples

Memo-cubes have an in-game meaning. They contain a backup of their owners' consciousness, as they helped shape the game. Players are able to interact with the cubes and gain experience points as if they were learning from the owners' life experience. A great alternative to battle grinding!

Memo-cubes in the game


Key information on the game

Korugen Ltd.

To be announced (depending on Kickstarter results)

USD $20

Steam (PC, Mac, Linux) / Nintendo Switch

Koruldia Heritage is a pixel-painted adventure RPG. Explore an alien world riddled with ominous wonders and puzzles. Dive into people's memories. Be ruthless or merciful.

In the face of deep changes in the meaning of being human, the story of this game is about our legacy in worlds now dominated by transhumanism.

You are lost on Korulimbo, the moon of a remote planet. Reconnect with a forgotten culture and travel with your loyal companion, a creature made like you from bio-technologies that question humanity's heritage.

Each path is different. You will navigate through an in-depth story that reacts to the way you deal with confrontation.


What makes this game different?
  • A rich narrative experience: the story unfolds and adapts to your choices.

  • A variety of camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy VI (III in the US, the game’s main influence) to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy VII-VIII-IX.

  • A non-linear exploration: there is no particular order for the dungeons, they are scattered in Koruldia’s open-world.

  • A merciful battle system: you are free to choose between aggression and compassion. If, like us, you love this philosophy in Undertale, you will find the confrontations richer and more impactful.



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