A glimpse of the story

You are lost on Korulimbo, the moon of a remote planet. Reconnect with a forgotten culture and travel with your loyal companion, a creature made like you from bio-technologies that question humanity's heritage.

Each path will be different.

Your loyal companionand You

More on the game

Rich narrative

Enjoy navigating through an in-depth story that reacts to the way you deal with confrontation.

The visual experience is enhanced by a variety of camera angles: from the classic top views of Final Fantasy VI (III in US, the game’s main influence) to fixed 3D perspectives like in Final Fantasy VII-VIII-IX. Some of the highly stylized views of the Zelda 2D games will also be featured.

Merciful battle system

The battle system lets you choose between aggressiveness and compassion and your choices will have different impacts to the story. Do not assume that being always nice will get you to the happy ending. Sometimes you may encounter creatures beyond redemption...

Open world

The gameplay of Koruldia is close to "Metroidvania" games: you can freely explore an open world, allowing you to complete dungeons in any order, collect useful items, make allies, cross the path of enemies and find puzzles and secrets. Throughout the game, you will also unlock abilities to access previously inaccessible places.

Pixel Impasto

Koruldia comes with its own unique style, a pixel-painting art technique named Pixel Impasto.
The game’s visuals are made with “single pixel tools” free from pixel-art limitations of the past, no “dot by dot with mouse clicks” and 8bits colors here; it’s a free-hand technique with multiple brushstrokes accumulating their opacity through stylus pressure.
You get the retro vibes, but in a highly detailed way taking advantage of modern HD screens.


We get our inspiration from classic role-playing games such as Final Fantasy VI to IX, but also from games with light RPG elements like 2D Castlevania (from SotN to the 3 episodes on DS) or Pandora’s Tower.

The feeling of “claustrophobic freedom” and loneliness from Metroid 3 will also echo in Koruldia. “Weird 2D indie games” like Yume Nikki, Ib, Hyper Light Drifter or Undertale also especially appeal to us and we hope that you will have the same kind of connection with Koruldia.


Koruldia will be available for PC / Mac / Linux and Nintendo Switch. PS4 and XBOX ONE will also be taken into consideration.

Gamers can play with a keyboard (arrow keys), a gamepad (USB Xbox or PS4 etc.) or a mouse (point-and-click style) which is also close to the game experience on a touchscreen.