Project Lead - Gameplay Designer - Developer - Artist - Writer

About me

When I started this project about a decade ago my ambition was to learn how to create something quick and easy with a bunch of basic tools.

As time passed by however and as I put more and more of my personal time on this test-game, I realized I wanted to tell a story with elaborated characters, use the wide range of emotions we can experience when playing a game - and this includes so much more than just killing monsters or destroying things! I knew this project needed proper technical foundations and a real graphical identity to be up to this challenge.

So I made myself learn each aspect of narrative technique, the art of game-design and gain relevant skills in graphic design. Today my work is very much transversal, from level-designing to programming the events, I wear many hats as it is supposed to be when you create an indie game.

Favourite games

Final Fantasy 6 Resident Evil Saga Shinobi 3 Metroid 3 Bioshock Metal Gear Saga Dead Space Alien Isolation Dark Souls 3 Hyper Light Drifter

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Game Artist - Pixel Animator - Web

About me

I live between London and Paris, often travel around Japan and Hong Kong where I find new ideas for my fashion flash games \(●´ω`●)/. Tired of doing small projects only, I wanted to work on something with a real story and rich inner world. That's how I joined!

Favourite games

Pokemon Red The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening (DX) The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Zelda A Link Between Worlds Mr Driller Puyo Pop Fever Pokemon Alpha Sapphire Bravely Default Metal Slug


Amazing people that are helping out!

Dibur Composer -Audio Engineer

About me

I'm a self-taught musician with ~13 years of experience. Being a part of the Koruldia team is an awesome experience for me because I get to fulfill my dream of composing for a story-driven RPG!

After falling in love with Final Fantasy 6 and its soundtrack, I was inspired to study composition and music theory, especially those of JRPG soundtracks. Most of my musical influence comes from the RPGs of the 90s and early 2000s, but simply mimicking the style wasn't satisfying enough. I spent many years refining my sound, so that it captures the true essence of classic JRPGs, but takes advantage of modern audio technology. I call this sound aesthetic “Neo-Retro”, and I think that it shares the same ideals as the “Pixel Impasto” style of Koruldia.

Favourite games

Final Fantasy 6 Secret of Mana Star Ocean series Lunar Grandia Tales of Destiny Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

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Plugins / Miscellaneous

Kadokawa Corporation/Yoji Ojima







Boris "Blizzard" Mikić

This non-exhaustive list (in no particular order) is subject to further evolution as the game development progresses.